Don Valley Brick Works, Toronto

The Brick Works site was formerly an abandoned 12 acre industrial lot in located in the Don Valley ravine system in Toronto, Canada. Over the past decade, however, it has been transformed into a cultural, tourist and heritage destination which has a mandate of showcasing best practices in international green design. National Geographic recently named it one of the world’s top ten geotourism destinations.

Today up to half a million visit the Brick Works each year, up from 150,000 just a few years back. While situated only a few kilometers from the downtown area, the site is relatively inaccessible, owing to its remote location nestled in a valley far from major public-transit routes.

Bullwheel International Cable Car Corp. is working diligently with the local community and preparing plans to connect the Brick Works site with nearby transportation options via cable car. This project will improve accessibility to this wonderful heritage site while functioning as an attraction unto itself.

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